The (Insert Drug Here) Reevaluation

Do you ever take substances (e.g., alcohol, marijuana, caffeine) and delete what you deem are embarrassing, revealing, or uncool posts on social media?

If yes, this behavior is what I’m coining “The (Insert Drug Here) Reevaluation.”

And you should never give in to it! Instead, on your own or with a doctor’s guidance (depending on the substance[s] in question), wean yourself off the drug(s) causing you to reevaluate everything you post that was, at least at one point, important to you.

Drug addiction is sometimes compared to a roller-coaster ride. But perhaps comparing it to a mental disorder like bipolar I disorder is a better analogy. Because—despite what drug users might lead you to believe—addiction is a mental disorder.

As is always the case, total abstinence is the only way to reclaim your life and make you feel proud of whatever ideas or photos you want to share with the world. But total abstinence is also so much more! A free mind is only possible without drugs cluttering your every waking moment. Anyone claiming otherwise is trying to corrupt your mind and subjugate you to a life of crime and addiction.






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