Stop Streaming, and Own Your Media

The word “streaming” sounds like “urinating”—and that is basically what streaming is to art. Oh, so someone heard a hip band’s new song on a streaming service? Great job, the band just received a fraction of a penny! Do streamers have good taste? Probably not. More importantly, do they ever consider the ethics of their actions? Probably not. But are they prone to following trends (in music and in life)? Probably.

Rather than pay one of these services a monthly subscription fee for an all-you-can-eat buffet, support the artist, the music industry, and yourself by buying a hard copy of albums. CDs are the smartest choice, but obsolete media like vinyl and cassettes are also acceptable. Paying for MP3s is acceptable, but I would still recommend owning a hard copy. Amazon will often give you a hard copy and the MP3s for the price of the hard copy alone via a service they call “AutoRip.”

Everything I just said also applies to movies and series via services like Netflix. Though there are some exceptions (such as movies and series that are exclusive to a streaming service), you are much better off owning your favorite movies and series on Blu-ray.






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